How Makar Mela Started?

Long time ago, King Satyavar ruled over Kathmandu and Panauti was ruled by King Drigarath. On time both of these kingdom suffer drought. In sake of their people both the King pray to their Phulchowki Mai and set out for a difficult meditation. Phulchowki Mai being impressed by their sincere devotion offers them a boon. Hearing the words from Mata both Kings became glad and bent and said, ‘Oh Mai we are in great trouble! Our kingdom is facing the problem of drought and you need to help us by flowing river in each kingdom’. In response Mata said, ‘Dear Rajan I’m pleased by both of you but i can’t offer both of you the boon so whoever presents me with a gold and silver flower each i shall present him or his kingdom with a river’.

Hearing it King Satyavar of Kathmandu became very happy as his kingdom was known for different crafts and had many goldsmith. But to the contrary King Drigarath became very sad as there was no smiths in his kingdom and was heavy-hearted. Late at night in Panauti looking at the condition of King the Queen got curious to know what was bothering him. King Drigarath described all about the incident. Then the Queen tried to console the King and told him not to worry and will help him. In response the King said, ‘What can you do when i am not being able to think about any way of offering the Mai with a gold and silver flower’. But also she tried to calm her King and let him get into sleep. Next morning the Queen presented King with a Raddish flower and a mustard plant and told, ‘Mai is like our mother she doesn’t want any gold or silver flower but the offering that one can give truthfully. We are farmers, so being a farmer we can offer her with the things that we grow and for our job we need the water. So we are the one’s that really deserve a river’. The King was very happy with his wife’s statement and hurriedly went to Mai with the Raddish flower and Mustard plant that looked like a silver and gold flower respectively. Being pleased with him Mai bleesed him with a river named Lilawati where mela named Makar Mela(capricon fete) will take place in once a 12 years.

When King Satyavar reached there he was informed that King Drigarath have been offered with the boon. When he looked at Mai he saw dried plant on her head and said, ‘Mai you’ve been tricked. He presented you with Mustard and Raddish plant instead of real one’.

Mai became very angry with the fact that she was tricked so she returned the boon and granted King Satyavar with the river named Godawari where mela named Kumbhmela(Saggitariaus fete) will take place once in a 12 years.
From then Makar Mela and Kumbha Mela were taking place once in a gap of every 6 years.